Of machines and multiverses. cs & art at yale, chia.dev · developh.org, uxsocietyyale.org · more @ chias.blog


  • Christina Chen

    Christina Chen


  • Ramona Sabado Rajagopalan

    Ramona Sabado Rajagopalan

  • Developh


    Bridging the innovation gap by providing education and opportunities to students in the developing world. For-students, by-students @ https://developh.org

  • Gian Ferrer

    Gian Ferrer

    He/Him. Self-proclaimed force of chaotic good. Design + Community. I write at gianferrer.mirror.xyz

  • Roy Daniel

    Roy Daniel

    Writer | Loves to write articles on Technology. Technical Blogger | Contributor | Designer | Entrepreneur | Reading is my Passion.

  • Ample eBusiness

    Ample eBusiness

    Ample eBusiness is the largest design and development Technologies services provider company. We offer all services at affordable and best prices that meet.

  • Jake Stanley

    Jake Stanley

    Product Manager @ Capital One. Previously founder, head of Product and Technology @ Vocool.

  • Female Founders and Investors

    Female Founders and Investors

    Sharing stories from female founders / investors by @monicasflores #femalefounders #FemaleFoundersLeadTheWay ~ join group: http://bit.ly/femalefoundersLinkedIn

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