A State, Some Motorcycles, and a Startup

Despite promises to improve the worsening chaos of Manila’s traffic, the Philippine government continues to war with Angkas, showing its true colors.

The motorcyclist’s opportunity

A story of shutdowns

The Angkas Thanksgiving concert

Turning traffic into a joyride

  1. JoyRide is backed by Ralph Nubla Jr., a director of the Philippine Bank of Communications.
  2. Edwin Rodriguez, JoyRide’s Business Development Officer, is secretary-general of PDP-Laban Quezon City — one of the largest chapters of the country’s ruling political party chaired by the current president, Rodrigo Duterte.
Reviews left on the JoyRide Facebook page, days before the service had even begun operating

A competition to save Philippine roads

Outside the operations and onboarding for JoyRide PH is a tarpaulin featuring one of its close endorsers: Senator Koko Pimentel

Of interventions and fear

The Oust-Duterte Matrix

Toppling a monopoly or opportunism?

Why #SaveAngkas is also the people’s story

  • The struggling rise of Angkas along with their move towards advocacy is a journey of well-executed product growth, unparalleled brand loyalty, and true disruption — even paving the way for regulatory changes and a trial run for motorcycle-for-hire services, despite government setbacks
  • After stringent regulations, two new startups went through processing to participate in the trial: JoyRidePH and MoveIt. In December 2019, this involved the government’s ruling to cut their already limited driver base to more than half (a base that they themselves had trained to work for), to distribute to the two new startups.
  • Entrant JoyRide is undoubtedly backed by the government. Rider registration was handled and funded by a pro-administration rally, and high-ranking officials market themselves over JoyRide’s materials.
  • Angkas seemingly did growth right (especially for their amount of shutdowns), even achieving the goal of proving motorcycle ridesharing as a safe commute option, the main gripe the government had. However, corruption through unclear, erratic government decisions and a clear state-sponsored “competitor” complicate the scene… and overall, endangered the lives of Filipinos while growing more dissatisfaction with the Filipino masses.
The roads of Metro Manila



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