A State, Some Motorcycles, and a Startup

Despite promises to improve the worsening chaos of Manila’s traffic, the Philippine government continues to war with Angkas, showing its true colors.

The motorcyclist’s opportunity

A story of shutdowns

The Angkas Thanksgiving concert

Turning traffic into a joyride

Reviews left on the JoyRide Facebook page, days before the service had even begun operating

A competition to save Philippine roads

Outside the operations and onboarding for JoyRide PH is a tarpaulin featuring one of its close endorsers: Senator Koko Pimentel

Of interventions and fear

The Oust-Duterte Matrix

Toppling a monopoly or opportunism?

Why #SaveAngkas is also the people’s story

The roads of Metro Manila

Of machines and multiverses. cs & art at yale, chia.dev · developh.org, uxsocietyyale.org · more @ chias.blog

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